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Masimo W1™
Accurate, continuous health data and actionable health insights – from the leader in hospital pulse oximetry – in a personal, lifestyle-friendly watch.
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Masimo W1™

Advanced health tracking with accurate, continuous actionable health insights


Monitor your health using the same technology doctors rely on

Performance You Can Depend On
Masimo is the leading brand of hospital pulse oximeters1 because Masimo devices provide accurate measurements when other pulse oximeters fail by using revolutionary Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®). Masimo SET® uses five parallel processing engines that measure through challenge conditions, including movement and low blood flow. Clinically proven Masimo SET® has been shown in more than 100 independent and objective studies to outperform other pulse oximetry technologies and is used to monitor 200 million patients a year.2

Learn more about Masimo SET® – the algorithm that revolutionized an industry.

Monitor your health using the same pulse oximetry technology hospitals rely on
MightySat is the only fingertip pulse oximeter to measure five key vital signs: oxygen saturation, pulse rate, breathing rate, perfusion index, and pleth variability index. Powered by Masimo SET®–the same technology used to monitor over 200 million patients annually in hospitals around the world.


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